地址: 701臺南市東區衛民街1號

Mission 05: East Area - Old Tainan Magistrate Residence

Old Tainan Magistrate Residence used to be old Tainan County Governor's Mansion. Built in 1900, now it is Tainan official historic site. In addition to the building as a local Magistrate Residence, it was also the place the Japanese royal family stayed when they went out. Historical speaking, the building is the only travel lodge designed as a royal residence in Taiwan Southern Taiwan. Up to 1941, nearly twenty Japanese royal family had visited here and stayed. The visitors it had were more than the governor's residence The Guest House in Taipei, which shows the importance of the building during Japanese colonial time. In 1923, Prince Hirohito (later Emperor Showa) visited Taiwan and stayed here once. There are only two places remained that Prince Hirohito ever stayed when he visited Taiwan, the rest are gone and removed. One is Old Tainan Magistrate Residence, and the other is the governor's residence The Guest House in Taipei.

Address: No.1, Weimin St., East Dist., Tainan City 701, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Transportation: Take Bus 88 and get off at the stop Old Tainan Magistrate Residence

  • 台南神學院
  • 巴克禮紀念館
  • 臺灣教會公報社
  • Tainan Christian Academy
  • 祈願亭
  • 原臺南縣知事官邸