藍晒圖文創園區前身為舊司法宿舍,園區內共有7個旗艦區、16個微型工作室, 匯集各種原創作品,打造出了一個屬於台南的新藝文特區,保留原有的老樹、紅磚、綠蔭,結合創新跟藝術的特質,讓這裡呈現出不同的樣貌。穿梭在低矮的平房,藍色白線的交錯,時而立體,時而虛幻,線條與空間相互融合,透過視覺與思考,讓藍晒圖想像無限延伸,園區內每一間店鋪都各有特色,花花草草綠意盎然漫步其中,就像是來到歐洲城鎮的小村的感覺。

地址: 702臺南市南區西門路一段689巷

Mission 02: Central and Western District - Blueprint

Blueprint Creative Park, formerly known as the old quarters of Justice, has a total of seven flagship areas, 16 mini-studio, bringing together a variety of original artworks. To create a new part of the Tainan Cultural District, the Park aims to preserve all the old trees, red brick, and green shade. Combined with innovative artistic features makes it presents a different appearance. The audience can shuttle in the low cottages, with blue white line staggered, sometimes solid, sometimes illusory, merging lines and space. Through the picture and imaginary mind, the blueprint imagine is infinite. Every shop in the park has its own characteristics, people get the feeling of visiting a small European town village when walking on the flora green path.

Address: Ln. 689, Sec. 1, Ximen Rd., South Dist., Tainan City 702, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Transportation: Take bus 88, get off at the stop Tayih Landis Hotel, and by walk

  • 藍曬圖
  • 小西門
  • 南廠小西腳平天館
  • 南廠保安宮
  • 護境松王
  • 國華友愛新商圈