巴克禮公園,源自於1875年來台的蘇格蘭傳教士巴克禮,他創立了全台第一所大學「 台南神學院」,以及台灣第一所報社「教會公報社」,並從英國引進台灣第一台印刷機,成立台南「聚珍堂」(俗稱新樓書坊),並且發行台灣第一份報紙「台灣教會公報」。 巴克禮一生致力於編撰台灣話之羅馬拼音,完成廈門音字典,並推行台灣羅馬拼音之白話文,使得當時許多文盲者得以識字讀經,所創立的台灣話羅馬拼音,目前仍持續被採用。台南市政府為表彰他對台南的無私奉獻因此特別於2003年將舊名「十八號公園」更名為「巴克禮紀念公園」,同時此處也是全台灣少見以外國人名字命名的公共建設。

地址: 701臺南市東區中華東路三段357巷 (台南市立文化中心正門口對面)

Mission 10: East District - Tainan Municipal Cultural Center & Barclay Memorial Park

Barclay Memorial Park got its name from the memorial of a Scottish missionary Barclay. He came to Taiwan in 1875 and founded the first university "Tainan Theological Seminary," and the first newspaper office "Church Newspaper." Also, he imported the first printing press in Taiwan from the United Kingdom. Later on, he set up “Tainan Treasures Hall" (commonly known as the Xin Lou bookstore), and issued the first newspaper in Taiwan, "Taiwan Church News." Barclay devoted his life to the compilation of the Taiwanese Romanization, and he completed“ A Dictionary of the Amoy Vernacular Spoken.” Many illiterate people in Taiwan were helped by him and were capable of reading literacy. The Taiwanese Romanization he invented is still used nowadays. In 2003, in recognition of his dedication to Tainan, Tainan city government renamed the park from "18th Park" to "Barker ceremony Memorial Park." It is one of the rare Public sites in Taiwan that is in the name of a foreigner.

Address: Ln. 357, Sec. 3, Zhonghua E. Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 701, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Transportation: Take Bus 88 and get off at Tainan Municipal Cultural Center.

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