Mission 01: Central and Western District - Confucius Temple

Tainan Confucius Temple as a national monument built in AD 1665, is the first Taiwanese Temple. Once in early Qing, it used to be the school that all Taiwanese children attended. Therefore, it is also known as “The Premier Academy of Taiwan”. Tainan Confucius Temple building itself is stately, with solemn atmosphere. It is a Grade I national monument. It is decorated with many emperors’ imperial plaque, and also substantially maintaining the traditional pattern of "school on the left and temple on the right." Tainan Confucius Temple is charming for its red wall as the reverence noble represents and traditional Fujianese architectural style of ornate carving. The Temple follows the traditional ancient ritual. Every spring and autumn, there are festivals held, especially the one in autumn is the most important festival for Confucius celebration. On September 28, starting from morning commenced a series of ritual, it attracts large numbers of people to participate each year.

Address: No.1, Ln. 5, Zhongzheng Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Transportation: Take Bus 88 and get off at the stop Confucius Temple

  • 台南孔子廟
  • 永華宮
  • 林百貨-稻荷神社
  • 國立臺灣文學館
  • 葉石濤文學記念館
  • 臺南愛國婦人館