Ingress Mission Day in Tainan
“Stand by Tainan” medal giveaways

一、目的Event Objective:
2016年5月29日臺南市政府與全球著名手遊Ingress合作辦理「Ingress Mission Day In Tainan」,在台南著名地景設置了12大任務區,每個任務區均包含6個景點(共72處),由於這次來台南參加5月29日Mission Day的國外玩家眾多,部分國外玩家更因班機時間,來不及於當日完成活動任務而扼腕,為了彌補及鼓勵探員們再次造訪台南完成任務,將加碼1000個本次與Ingress聯名製作的Stand by Tainan限量實體勳章,讓未於5/29日完成任務日的探員們仍有機會贏得實體勳章。
On 2016/05/29, Tainan City Government worked with Niantic to host Ingress Mission Day in Tainan, and created 12 missions in various tourist attentions around Tainan, all with 6 or more tourist hotspots nearby. Many agents abroad came to Taiwan to participate on 05/29. Due to flight schedules and other factors, however, some could not complete the required 6 missions in time and missed the opportunity to receive the exclusive Stand by Tainan metal medals. To make it up and to encourage agents to revisit Tainan, we will provide 1000 more exclusive Stand by Tainan medals, so that those who missed out on 05/29 have a second chance to earn the medals.

二、活動期間Event Date:
2016/6/9 ~

未領取過實體勳章的Ingress 探員。
Ingress agents who have never received the Stand by Tainan Mission Day medal.

四、活動辦法Terms and Conditions:
Ingress探員完成台南12組任務後,到指定旅遊服務中心,於上班時間向旅服人員出示遊戲畫面,由旅服人員完成認證後,即可獲得與Ingress聯名製作的Stand by Tainan限量實體勳章,數量有限,送完為止。若對活動任有疑問請洽06-6322231#6780 康先生。
Ingress agents who complete all 12 Tainan Mission Day missions can go to the selected Tourist Information Center and show their scanners to the staff. Once the staff confirmed the check-in, you will get a limited edition Stand by Tainan Mission Day medal produced by Niantic and Tainan City Government Tourism Bureau. The medals are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have any question in regards to this event, please contact Mr. Kang at 06-6322231#6780.

五、相關網站Event Website:

Check in Sit
Open Hour
Tainan Railway Station Visitor Information Center
(06)2290082 70146臺南市東區北門路二段4號
No.4, Sec. 2, Beimen Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 701, Taiwan
全年無休 07:30~19:00 Open all year round
Tainan Airport Visitor Information Center
(06)3359209 臺南市南區大同路二段1002號
No.1002, Sec. 2, Datong Rd., South Dist., Tainan City 702, Taiwan
09:30~ 18:00
全年無休 09:30~ 18:00 Open all year round
THSR Tainan Station Visitor Information Center
(06)6008338 臺南市歸仁區歸仁大道100號
No.100, Guiren Blvd., Guiren Dist., Tainan City 711, Taiwan
09:30~ 18:00
全年無休 09:30~ 18:00 Open all year round
Tourist Information Center in Anping District
(06)2281382 臺南市安平區安平路790號
No.790, Anping Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City 708, Taiwan
週一休館 10:00~18:30 Closed on Mondays


Ingress Mission Day in Tainan

結合科技與文化的新型態體驗, 一邊體驗世界知名實境遊戲Ingress,一邊探索美食、古蹟豐富的文化古都台南。

透過美國公司Niantic,Inc.所構築的Ingress實境遊戲,實際參與遊戲的任務,親身體驗台南文化薈萃的萬象之都,讓玩家順著Google Map的導引,以步行、單車或搭乘公共運輸系統,深入台南市各處,包括安平古堡、樹屋、火車站周邊、等等引人入勝的景點,當玩家完成了遊戲設定的12個任務中的其中6個任務後,還能換取Ingress的Mission徽章與兌換具有紀念價值的實體勳章。

國內外的玩家們! 2016/05/29 Ingress Mission Day in TAINAN CITY! 快一起來感受台南府城的魅力,感受經歷震災後依然屹立不搖的台南之美。


A brand new experience of combining technique and culture. One can experience the world wide famous reality game “Ingress”, and at the same time explore the delicious food and abundant historical sites in Tainan city, a city of culture and history. “Ingress” is developed by American company Niantic Inc. By personally joining the game, one can learn the rich cultures of Tainan. Agents are assigned to use Google map as a guide, taking public transportation, bicycle, or by foot, to explore Tainan city sites, including Anping Fort, Tree House, Tainan Train Station, and other attractive sites. When the agents complete six missions out of 12 in the game, they will be rewarded the mission badge in Ingress game and the memorial real badge.

Agents from the world! 2016/05/29 Ingress Mission Day in TAINAN CITY! Let’s feel the charm of Tainan city. The brave and beautiful city which survives after a severe earthquake.


Ingress Mission Day in TAINAN CITY為一實境遊戲城市體驗活動,活動範圍遍及台南市各處,玩家自行規劃路線前往完成任務同時,請確實遵守交通規則並注意人身與財物安全。
Ingress Mission Day in TAINAN CITY is a reality game held in city. The range of the game cover everywhere in Tainan. Agents should follow the traffic rules and be aware of personal safety and belonging during planning the route and completing the missions.